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Jaguar launches its new second-generation XF compact sports saloon with high-wire drive over London's Docklands
New 'green' BMW X5 xDrive40e can be recharged at home and switches between petrol and electric power while on the move
Mitsubishi's new XR-PHEV II prototype is selling fast as a company car thanks to it's massive tax advantages
James Bond's favourite car-maker has unveiled the radical new family-friendly Aston Martin DBX at Geneva Motor Show
Aston Martin to lead the British supercars at Geneva Motor Show next week with the new two-seater Vulcan
Ford's fresher focus: Ray Massey test drives the new 5-door Focus Zetec
BMW's new compact people carrier, the 2 Series Gran Tourer, is the first premium compact to offer up to seven seats
New hybrid plane with electric motor is successfully tested
Unearthed footage shows 1970s 'Jam Sandwich' police cars in action
Robo-hawks could be heading for the front liney
Jeremy Clarkson in hot water AGAIN as Top Gear Christmas special pokes fun at racist 'slope' slur
Aviation authority to introduce rules on drones as soon as next year
Co-workers and customers buy bagel shop worker with a car for Christmas
Man survives after driving his car off a CLIFF and plunging 30m to land upside down on the rocks below
Thrown in the cells for beeping at a police car! Driver handcuffed and DNA-tested... then faces six-month legal ordeal
Festive drink drive campaign by police force branded 'over-zealous'
Cadillac Escalade from Lexani Motorcars boasts curved television and 24-karat gold-plating
CHRIS EVANS: My kings of the road: An Italian supercar, a classic camper, a vintage Roller and two plucked from the bargain bins
Chris Evans Volvo V60 Polestar: Yes, the super-sensible Scandi-bore has turned into a super-fast Swede
Your all-electric car may not be so green
Dougie Lampkin pops wheelies in snowy Finland in video
Five-door hatchback Mazda2 named Car of the Year in its native Japan
Lexus NX 300h is quite a package says RAY MASSEY
Would YOU drive this 'car'? £4,000 Elio needs stabilisers to stop it tipping over - and reaches a top speed of 100mph

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