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From Russia with mud: High suspension, pressed steel wheels and Soviet-style looks... Matt Warren road tests the new Lady Niva 4x4 
Amazing refit of Boeing 747 for mystery billionaire took three years
Only one in 50 cars live up to miles per gallon boasts
Abington SHEEPDOG 'takes control of tractor' and drives it onto M74 
Volunteers spent six years restoring unique Dunkirk ship to its former glory
Cheesology owner's three-wheeled van flipped onto its roof in Hove
Jeremy Clarkson will return to the BBC but not on Top Gear
1962 Aston Martin DB4 on the market for £220,000
Chevrolet unveils self-driving electric FNR at Shanghai event
Guy Martin facing police probe after boasting of hitting speeds of 180mph in 40mph zone
Feel that breeze: Ray Massey gets the roof off the new third-generation Audi TT Roadster 2.0 and puts it to the test
SsangYong is launching a value for money five-door sports car from under £13,000
Honda makes a splash as it unveils new-look Civic prototype in garish green at the New York Motor Show
Man led troopers on chase going 176mph in Nissan Skyline GTR
Smart van predicts potholes on Boston streets before they form
Jaguar launches its new second-generation XF compact sports saloon with high-wire drive over London's Docklands
Rugged machine carves up 150 acres of land in a day and can plough round the clock
New 'green' BMW X5 xDrive40e can be recharged at home and switches between petrol and electric power while on the move
Mitsubishi's new XR-PHEV II prototype is selling fast as a company car thanks to it's massive tax advantages
Renault to release new 'Kadjar', crossover vehicle, in hopes of drawing customers away from Nissan's top-selling Qashqai
Ford's stupendous new GT supercar looks set to challenge Ferrari in the race for peak performance
CHRIS EVANS unleashes mayhem with the Renault Trophy-R
Chris Evans reviews Caterham Seven 620R

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