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Dynamic, strong and sporty: Kia prepares to unveil fourth generation Sportage that takes cues from fighter jets
The cat's out of the bag: Ray Massey test drives Jaguar's unmistakably British-built next-generation steamlined sports saloon
Funky, Tardis-like and efficient: Honda announces prices for new hatchback supermini launching in September
Sporty, smart and turbocharged: Nissan's posher sibling Infiniti begins production of Q30 hatchback for autumn
Toyota celebrates 50 years of sales in Britain: From a few dealers importing cars from Japan to two local factories
Maria Sharapova sparks 'car-wars' in a Porsche as Jaguar celebrates its first year as the official car of Wimbledon
Chris Evans reviews Volvo XC90 D5 Inscription after Top Gear finale
Mills & Boon: And you thought romance was dead! After 35,000 tender clinches, 30,000 kisses and 10,000 ?I do?s? Mills & Boon is still booming 100 years on
BMW reveals eco-friendly i8 batmobile that can go 300 miles on a tank
Former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins on being a stunt driver in a Ford Mustang
Nissan takes over from Ford with new four-year deal as the main motoring sponsor of the UEFA Champions League 
Chris Evans reviews Alpina XD3: Hot under the bonnet but hideous to look at ? you can?t miss the new souped-up Beemer from Alpina
Porsche 911 owner is distraught after his car is renamed a PORSHCE!
Bugatti Veyron's successor spotted being tested on German road
Rolls-Royce unveils 'Dawn' a £250,000 luxury convertible like 1952 classic
Need a new runaround? The $35,000 JET CAR built using German WWII technology - and you can buy one on eBay
'Peacemaker' tank stars in Tom Hardy's Mad Max: Fury Road film
Amazing refit of Boeing 747 for mystery billionaire took three years
1962 Aston Martin DB4 on the market for £220,000
Chevrolet unveils self-driving electric FNR at Shanghai event
Smart van predicts potholes on Boston streets before they form
Rugged machine carves up 150 acres of land in a day and can plough round the clock
Renault to release new 'Kadjar', crossover vehicle, in hopes of drawing customers away from Nissan's top-selling Qashqai
Ford's stupendous new GT supercar looks set to challenge Ferrari in the race for peak performance

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