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Hello and welcome to www.auto-graphic.co.uk  the home of Autographics

We specialise in cost effective vehicle graphics and we are the North Easts leading, oldest and original company for Vehicle Graphics, Van Graphics, Vehicle Wrapping, Car Graphics and Vehicle Fleet Graphics.

Since 1979 we have been producing graphics for cars, vans, buses, truck, boats, planes and bikes. We are the original vehicle stripers and with the new invention of vehicle wrap we now offer a comprehensive Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wrapping service all around the North East.

Let your vehicles advertise your company\'s logo\'s, products or services by using the most cost effective outdoor advertising medium available. We produce fantastic looking vinyl livery, Commercial Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Decals, Vinyl Wraps, Vehicle Graphics, Car Signs, Van Signs and Vehicle Lettering for any Car, Van, Bus, Truck or Lorry.

With various companies offering our services, it is important you pick the right one to look after your vehicles. Don’t get locked in to the "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" or the "Cheap For The First Order" You need a company who will be there tomorrow and the day after!

Vehicle wrapping  is a service that is still in its early stages with both suppliers and material manufacturers still trying to improve their products. We have been in the market since the beginning, have experimented with all methods of production and application, we feel that we have it right! With the best material available a cast 7 to 10 year cast vinyl we trust in and recommend to you.

There are basically three ingredients that make up a successful vehicle wrap, Material, Printing and Application.


With each wrap project and every client having their own specific requirements, the correct materials need to be selected to guarantee a successful vehicle wrap, we only deal with the main material manufacturers. We currently use wrap films and high performance self-adhesive materials produced by Oracal.

Products need to suit varying applications, including:

•    Durability – normally 7 year to 10 years (but indoor short term materials can be sourced)
•    Easy Remove – Either permanent or removable adhesives
•    Conformability – High performance wrap films that will cover every contour of a vehicle
•    Printable – Materials that accept permanant printing inks
•    Laminates – When extra protection is required,or outdoor application, laminates are essential


Digital print technology is quickly overtaking traditional screen and litho print methods as the preferred production method for durable vehicle graphics.

One off’s and shorts runs can be produced economically and quickly, and the size of a graphic is limited only to your imagination. The only downside with digital graphics in the past has been the print quality.

Until Now !!!

We have access to the latest digital print system and we can produce vibrant, eye catching, photographic quality graphics. Using very durable outdoor ink and with the added benefit of a six colour ink set, we offer a print quality that cannot be beaten, and makes our vehicle graphics the best in the business.

You can see that when it comes to printing, we never have to compromise!


The final ingredient in the production of successful vehicle wrapping and high demand vehicle branding is the application of the graphics.

This is when training and experience is essential, with over 30 years experience by now we should have it right! And with all the planning and careful printing and production of the vehicle’s design result in a great final result.

It is essential that the application of graphics takes place under the correct conditions, and all necessary facilities are available, including a dry, warm location with power and lighting. Our factory being that place although fitting at a customers premises can sometimes be difficult but never impossible! The vehicle needs to be suitably prepared, and thought given to the best course of action. The personnel need to be fully conversant with the skills required to carry out a successful wrap.

We currently carry out work, stripping, re-printing and fitting vehicle wraps for customers who have had a bad experience with one of our competitors. We can also offer this service

Warranties and Guarantees

As an established graphics production company, we offer full, detailed warranties in conjunction with Oracal, one of the World’s leading self-adhesive film manufacturers.

We have both approved printing systems and fully trained wrap applicators, which enables us to offer performance warranties on printed graphics of up to five years, and on solid colour graphics of up to eight years.

If you have any technical questions still unanswered please contact us today



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